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Month: August, 2012


Blood may be thicker than water

but what we have is honey.

Syrupy strands hanging between us

every time we part, pooling at our feet,

an amber river connecting us from afar.

What we share cannot be counted

in a million bee hours,

in thousands of stamens

or in rays of brilliant sun.

You are my colony, my hive, my Queen Bee.

I revel in our sticky bond

and am sustained by your nectar,

Oh sweet ambrosia.


Our Future

Our shared future flashed before me;

me sobbing, bruised, inadequate.

You glowering, snarling, growling,

diminishing me to an inch in stature.

While our highs could lift me above the clouds,

the lows could shatter my entirety.

I envisage my friends pleading for my sanity

so I extract myself from you,

like tweezering out an ingrown hair

or squeezing free a blackhead.

Your arrogance disgusts me but your eyes,

your eyes shall haunt my decision.