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Month: June, 2012

The Dancers

We watch them dance,

swirl, twirl,

and collapse in each others arms.

We sip saccharine sodas

and make polite comments

on the music, food, dancers,

whatever our listless gaze

falls desperately upon.

We wait for the euphoric dancing

couple, begging for ‘please,

just one more dance, please’.

So I let you lead me to that dark

wall and breathily kiss my neck,

hot and wet, unwanted,

while I watch the heady dancers

swirl, twirl, and fall in love.


Me, Medusa

I wallow and wait

in my desolate cave

awaiting my fate,

beauty’s slave.

Me, Medusa

with hair made of snakes.


I yearn for a gaze,

I crave just a glance,

but my eyes ablaze

only freeze their stance.

Me, Medusa

with hair made of snakes.


I cry for these statues

once vibrant lives

I did not choose

to have eyes like knives.

Me, Medusa

with hair made of snakes.


I did not concede

to this evil spell

just a mirror I need

to assign me to hell.

Me, Medusa

with hair made of snakes.

We Still Have The Moon

I gaze at the skinny slip of the moon

and take comfort knowing

that this is your moon too.

That miles of journeys can disappear

with a glance.

Even when you bask in the scorched sun

while I’m shrouded in infinite darkness

I remember we still have the moon.

Be Infinite

Some days I feel breathless with the sheer

size of it all.

Standing on a precipice but reaching

just short of the edge.

But stars nestled in infinite space

still find a way to burn.

To carve

a blazing lacuna

and caress eternity.

There are no limits, no bounds

to the beads of tears in the sea,

to the grains of sand on its bed,

or to the love in your soul.

You can scorch a crevice

in this perpetual space

and radiate for aeons.

Know no edge.

Push through boundaries.

Be infinite.