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Month: May, 2012

I Cannot Force…

I can’t force your heart to race

like mine does with a stutter

every time I see your face.

I cannot make butterflies flutter

in your tummy when we embrace

or with every word I utter.

No sentimental words I write

can conjure up majestic emotion,

no matter how hard I fight,

or whether I ply you with love potion.

I lie awake restless at night

and try to silence my devotion.

I try my hardest to be your friend

when I crave to be your lover

with ever moment together we spend

and every new side of you I discover.

I know my fragile heart will mend

and I’ll find myself another.


Heaven Scent

They say smell is the most evocative sense,

it dredges up long forgotten memories

and brings them to the fore, intense.

Perfume that wisps by on a passing breeze,

the musky salt of a fishing harbour,

the lush green grass freshly mown,

the warm spice scent of father back from the barber

lightly dusted with cologne.

A fully lived present can be yanked away

by a sniff that conjures up your past,

consciousness recalled of a lost day

it appears unbidden, unasked.

These conjurations may bring distress,

reopen wounds, and niggle old scars

but this is part of the healing process

these bruises are ours.