Case Studies

by lonewolfpoetry

I search for love in this crooked world,

but find it wanting.

Those movies are no help to me with their

profanities of love, those false sentiments.

Cheekbones clashing falsely on cheekbones.

I try the radio but saccharine words are an

insult to the storm in my belly.

Sweet nothings are at least not misleading,

racking my feelings to a precise zero.

Love takes offense at schoolgirl proclamations,

the girl who cried Juliet one too many times.

Love takes offence when you deny its

almighty surge, its electro-shocking forcefield.

Love dares you to notice, to confront

the colossal beast looming at your door.

Love dares you to be the hero of your tale,

to script your own mythical destiny.

The perfumed roses and ribboned chocolates

I find when I search for love are wanting.

Their lessons are case studies in lies,

case studies in false promises and deception.

But when I look inside, when I look at you,

I know when the word ‘love’ is true.