by lonewolfpoetry

Your crooked smile foxed me

into believing I was in.

That I had solved the riddle without a clue,

enchanted the lock that knew no key.

Your eyes, half shut, whispered unknowable truths

of freedom, liberty.

A freedom with the potential to become ingrained

in the heart I used to call my own

but gave to you, recklessly loaned indefinitely.

Your fingers, running down my shoulder blades

were a welcome prison. I knew I had

become eternally incarcerated with the sweet

pleasure of your sharp grip.

But it was your toes, their graceful curl

accompanied by a delicate gasp that told me

I had not been deceived. That I too

wielded unspeakable power.

That this trade of body parts was an equal match.

Your kidney for mine.

My ten knuckles for yours.

I have mapped every crease, every dent,

every blemish and curve.

And I hold them cautiously.

Forever wary that my carnal possessions

will never belong to me at all.