Second Best

by lonewolfpoetry

I’ll take second best

if it means I can still be close to you,

be the recipient of your smile,

share with you my dreams.

I shall never forget

what passed between us.

Such words, such deeds,

cannot be roughly rubbed out

like a misdrawn line.

Not for me anyhow.

Yet second best does not feel

like the runner pipped to the post

or the teddy deemed slightly,

just slightly inferior to the doll

by an indecisive child.

I have been given a glimpse

of the riches of Timbuktu

and then endowed with a shadow.

A shadow with a lingering scent

of despair, lost hope.

But you have the reins my dear.

I could plead, beg with my fragile soul

but I do not wish to see my heart

splintered, smashed by your tongue.

I know to you I could only ever be

second best.